About us

We’re sure you love being one of thousands of faceless clients of a huge Telco, ISP or one of the big Channel providers who aspire to be them. Who wouldn’t? We know how much satisfaction you must get from no-one knowing your name every time you call. And, when there’s an issue, it must be great to wait in a queue for half an hour before speaking to a disinterested call centre operative who takes you through a checklist of generic questions before finally putting you through to someone who won’t actually help out before you ‘raise the fault via the portal’.

And how about that one-size-fits-all pricing? Awesome! Throw in contracts that tie you in until retirement and a fixed product/service set that stops you responding dynamically to your clients’ ever-changing requirements & you’ve basically got an accurate likeness of the UK Channel market at the moment. Lucky you.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer any of the above.

We know all our clients by name, we know exactly what drives their businesses and what it is they are trying to achieve, and we meet with them in person every couple of months. Sadly, when you call, you get straight through to your Service Delivery Manager who has the knowledge and authority to deal with any issues you may have straight away without any unnecessary bureaucracy. Sorry about that.

And, when it comes to pricing and management, we’re years behind the inflexible, take-it-or-leave it big boys – we’re still offering three different routes to market and bespoke commercials every time, giving each and every Comms Collective client a service and product set tailored to their needs, not ours.

Our strong relationships, developed over years with major Tier 1 providers combined with our minimal layers of management & a team with unrivaled technical-commercial understanding means we are able to turn on a sixpence and deliver the most responsive, personal, client-friendly channel services in the market today. And if we’re not all we claim to be? You’re free to walk away at any time – we’re so sure you’ll love us that we don’t need to tie you down with huge multi-year contracts.

Everybody knows it’s time to change the channel. Get on board with the one company that’s actually doing it.


Here’s some boring stuff that you may need to know about us. Ready? Here it is: –

TheCommsCollective.club Limited  is incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability, with company registration number 08582505 and registered offices at Suite 2, Bath Road Trading Estate, Lightpill, Stroud, GL5 3QF

Our VAT registration number is 166 8823 66