CommsUC ushers in a new connected user experience transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging and accessible from anywhere with minimal capital expenditure and a low, fixed cost per user per month.

CommsUC also integrates with Microsoft Teams so you can call a user via their extension number internally. Voice enable your Teams service from Microsoft!

We can either supply and support your Office licencing or add CommsUC to your existing Office 365 account – adding the full functionality of CommsUC to the Microsoft Office suite: –

Each Extension can be simultaneously registered on up to three devices (i.e. desk phone, softphone and desktop client) avoiding the need to log out of one device and in to another when on the move and can also handle up to five concurrent calls.

Businesses seek communication tools that make work easier and the team available anywhere, anytime—including within the context of other applications. CommsUC provides a single interface that unites voice communications, instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing into a richer, more contextual offering without the complexity of modular licence pricing or lengthy contract terms.

Get in touch for more information, full technical specifications, network topography and free demonstration licences for you to play with – it’ll be the best 20 minutes you’ll spend this year.

CommsUC Feature’s Overview

A brief overview of the functionality that comes with CommsUC – more detail follows.

Local National, 03 and Mobile calls included as standard (no caveats or ‘fair use’ policies apply – that wouldn’t be fair from a wholesale service provider)


Each user has a desktop widget with all company presence indications and the ability to message one another using this interface. These chats are secure and stored to ensure your business is able to meet its governance requirements in managing and auditing communications.

Group Chat

Send group messages to teams much like an email distribution list, however all responses are shared across the group chat and this can be escalated into a conference call or indeed a video meeting.

Intercom/Group Paging

Allows you to speak to a group of extensions in the intercom group using the phones loudspeaker.

Soft Phone

Often a great option for call centres or home workers rather than having a physical phone, the Bria soft phone provides the flexibility of calls from any internet connected location across all the popular operating systems and mobile devices.


Put callers through to announcements for things such as opening hours or put an announcement on an inbound call to reflect time of day. These can be injected anywhere in the system.

Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant is a tool to ensure callers arrive with the correct team when calling in to the business so that they are dealt with efficiently; equally your team are not answering calls that have no relevance to them.

Ring Groups

Build ring groups to call the team, ring group name presentation is supported allowing you to have multiple groups and display the group to the members.

Call Centre Queues

Call Centre queues can be set up to enable queuing of inbound callers. Agents can be logged in and out of the queue via a star key. *see separate call centre functionality information*

Time Conditions

Time of day routing allows you to set the destination of an inbound call based on the time/date or day of the week including bank holidays and public holidays.

On Hold Music/message

Custom on hold music or message can be uploaded to the system so when you place a customer on hold they hear your custom music/message.


The conference service provides a single number for a client to dial for multiple conference rooms.

These rooms can be monitored through the web portal with the following features: –

  • See who is in the conference
  • Mute all
  • Remove people from the conference
  • Enable/disable call recording
  • Enable/disable announcement

Log in/out functionality on the phones to enable hot-desking. DDIs stay with the user logged in and not with the phone.

CLI Presentation

We support the presentation of any number on the platform that has been registered on the address database for that company, also present number with-held.

All area DDI’s supplied

Interconnected with BT Wholesale we are able to source most area codes in the UK with a few exceptions. Each user/extension is allocated a DDI.

Number porting with most carriers

We support all major carriers in the UK and are also able to support numbers in over 60 countries around the globe. Our primary interconnect is BT Wholesale.

Online administrator/user portal

Users have access to a web portal to fully manage their phones. What users control and see is set by the administrator

Voicemail and Voicemail2Email

Voicemail is provided on failure to answer for extensions that support failover or can be routed to directly (i.e. Time of day routing for OOH)

Visual Voicemail
Missed call alerts

Call Management

Call reporting

  • Report on all inbound and outbound calls by user.
  • Wallboards for live call stats
  • Configurable personalised ad-hoc and scheduled reports

Interactive Voice response system

  • Feature rich call handling solution to route customers to their desired location.

Call Broadcast

  • Create a recording and select one or more groups to have the system call and play the recording.

Call Block

  • Calls can be blocked or forwarded to voicemail based on their caller ID.

Call Pickup

  • For a particular extension or ring group that is currently ringing.

Call Transfer

  • Blind
  • Attended

Call Queuing

  • Load calls into queues so they can be answered in the order they came into the queue. (see queues)

FSA & PCI Compliant Call recording

All call recordings are by default saved for 60 days and included in the basic extension price, however greater retention can be specified and all additional storage will be charged on a per GB basis.

  • Customers can download bulk call recordings for a specified time period
  • Ability for agents to pause and resume recording on the fly
  • To record all or some calls or parts of the call. (See Active Calls and Active Extensions)

Eavesdrop (Call Barge)

To aid new staff, the office apprentice or jump in on a call that sounds like it is going in the wrong direction use the PIN secured call barge feature. Supports the following options: –

  • Listen in
  • Speak to operator only
  • Speak to both parties

Fax to Email

  • The ability to send\receive fax’s by email rather than a fax machine will help save expensive consumables and filter any junk that is sent to your business, with the added benefit of being able to email that document to an out bound fax service and send emails to some ones fax machine.

Music On Hold:

  • Can add wav or mp3 file including music or even a business sales message.

Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing

  • Connect with your clients and staff with audio conference from the system with the ability to do presentations and video calls.

Desktop Sharing

  • For users looking to collaborate on documents or presentations, the ability to share desktops within a communication and work together on a project, no more emailing back and forth just arrange a time and get the job done.

Global Federation

  • CommsUCis federated with the entire Microsoft infrastructure and enables you to connect to any other organisation using CommsUC within their business, connect with suppliers and customers to help improve productivity and relationships. Do your teams already use Skype? Utilise CommsUC as your single interface for business communications internally or with your external Skype contacts.

Active Directory Sync

LYNC / Skype for Business Integration

CommsUC also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business or our in-house Microsoft Lync system so you can call a user via their extension number internally. Voice enable your Office 365 service from Microsoft!
We can either supply and support your Office licencing or add CommsUC to your existing Office 365 account – adding the full functionality of CommsUC to the Microsoft Office suite: –

Exchange Email  |  Skype for Business enterprise  |  Office Professional  |  SharePoint  |  And the rest of the plan

Lync, Skype, Office365

CommsUC Call Centre Functionality

Most platforms say they have full call centre functionality, and some of them actually do, but charged to channel partners on additional ‘per agent’ licencing bolt-ons along with other charges that soon make the actual wholesale price per user exorbitant. CommsUC offers the full suite as standard – again; no additional charges or rentals to eat away at potential margins.

Queuing Actions

  • Least active agents
  • Round robin
  • Sequential by agent order
  • Sequential by agent tier and order
  • Ring all
  • Agent with least talk time
  • Agent with fewest calls
  • Random

Call Alerts

Alert a supervisor should a call be running on too long

Tiered Queues

Allows skills based routing so that skilled agents, in the first instance, are used but if availability or time frames are broken the call will be passed to the next available agent who may have a different skill set or knowledge level.

Abandoned Resume

Allow callers who have dropped out of the queue to return at the same position that they left, useful for customers on mobiles.

Call Back

Give callers in a queue the option of leaving the queue by ending the call so the next available operator can ring them back


The ability for agents to login and out of queues and set themselves on breaks, auto logout on x number of missed calls.

This can then be reported on to show availability of Agents for a given day or week, also can be used as part of wallboard agent ranking.

Supervisor control

Simple interface to manage agents and move them between queues, access to voice recordings and edit or change recorded messages that customers will hear on the fly.

Fully Customisable Live Wallboards

  • View live wall board with company branding and details of agents and inbound call handling performance.
  • Combine multiple call queues and agents on a single wall board to see business wide performance at a glance.
  • Set goals and metrics of the agents to rank their performance and introduce a competitive environment.
  • Include external information on these pages such as a BBC news screen or live Twitter or RSS feeds enables you to display relevant and engaging information at will.

Customer Survey

Put your customer through to the customer survey once the agent hangs up the call so they can leave feedback, score’s lower than X can be emailed to supervisor with call details for investigation.

Call performance reports

The granular details of call performance can be pulled from the enable Stats platform, giving you the view of how your business is performing and when you are busy or indeed quiet. This in turn will help with staffing decisions and customer service performance measurement.

All statistical data is stored for 12 months giving you the ability to look at seasonal changes and react accordingly.

Get in touch for more information, full technical specifications, network topography and free demonstration licences for you to play with – it’ll be the best 20 minutes you’ll spend this year.