With the end nearing for WLR3 and Openreach planning to close down their voice services portfolio and concentrate on network delivery, The Comms Collective understand that there is a transition that needs to take place, and we’re on hand to walk you through that change.

Having worked through Calls and Access, WLR, WLR 2 and WLR 3 closely with industry, the regulator, BT wholesale and now Openreach we feel suitably qualified to deliver to you the IP version of this product set which will be the last time you will need to transition your base.

Introducing WLR4.

Put simply we enable you to deliver connectivity to your clients and then overlay our IP Voice services to allow them to communicate more efficiently than ever before.

More information coming soon on our complete WLR4 portfolio including calling features available to bolt-on, but in the meantime here are some key dates for your diary: –

  • 2019 the Launch of WLR 4
  • 2023 the end of new provision on WLR3
  • 2025 the closing of Openreach WLR3 Voice services.

Contact us to discuss moving your clients to WLR4 before the competition do!