IntraLAN Group | Surrey

IntraLAN have worked with Dave and the team for two years now and can highly recommend their services. Not only do The Comms Collective listen to our often bespoke requirements, they also always deliver on time and to specification whilst offering exceptional value. Not many wholesale providers seem genuinely interested in our business, but the guys at The Comms Collective have all taken the time to understand us, how we work and what we need. A refreshing, straight-forward and honest bunch of people who are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Unusual in this game!

Bluu Sky Connections | Derbyshire

Bluu Sky have been using The Comms Collective for a couple of years now and found them to be an excellent partner to work with. The simplicity of the initial changeover was a great start. Their constant helpfulness in sorting out issues with multiple providers and their effectiveness in resolving them quickly are two of the main reasons we use The Comms Collective.  Then the added bonus is the great value they deliver, both in terms of their rates and their ongoing advice and guidance. We will be working with them for many years to come.

Talk Telecom | Buckinghamshire

Telecoms is a murky world, so it is good to be with an honest and straight telecoms provider. Thank you for you being so honest and considerate.